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How to Place an Order

504.309.7287 / 504.620.2200

The recorders at Louisiana Fresh Produce are ALWAYS ON so please leave an order on our lines at any time.

  • For next day delivery call in anytime
  • For same day delivery IN GREATER NEW ORLEANS call before 10 am Monday-Friday and by 9 am on Saturday
  • Customers outside New Orleans, including the Northshore, please call, email or place your order online by MIDNIGHT the night before delivery
  • Sunday deliveries must be called in the night before
          When Ordering:
                                 – State the name of your business
                                  – The day you are ordering for
                                  – Your order
                                  – The time frame you prefer delivery, i.e., “between 9-10am”


Email orders need to be placed by 9 am the day of delivery. Requested delivery date MUST appear in the subject line with the name of your business. Please put the name of your business in the Subject Line. Please include the date you are requesting delivery.

If you would like a custom online ordering account set up, please provide us with an order guide or we can create one after a few weeks of an order history. Online ordering accounts enable you to view the history of your orders. Online ordering also is useful in that it ensures you the ability to input exact product and quantities, streamlining your ordering process. 

Email if you’re interested in using online ordering!

Phone lines are manned IN PERSON from 5 am-noon weekdays and until 10 am Saturdays. After hours Managers are on duty and manning phones until 7 pm Monday–Friday. There are no phone operators on Sunday.

If you require a return call please leave a detailed message. This service is for troubleshooting only and NOT for placing late orders. You can also call or email our Customer Relations team at any time