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We are Louisiana Fresh, a New Orleans based wholesale produce company created by combining two of the oldest and most established fresh produce companies in Louisiana, the former Cusimano and Cuccia Produce Companies. To us, that means carrying on traditions started by our fathers and grandfathers. To you, our customers, our longevity and history means that we know fresh produce, how important it is to your kitchen and what it means to have the best product to you exactly when you need it.

2005 and “Katrina” stopped most New Orleans businesses, ours included, in their tracks. Up until that time, the Cusimano and Cuccia

Produce companies operated separate successful New Orleans based wholesale produce companies. Pre-Katrina talk of a merger between the two companies became a post-storm reality when we decided that the two company’s combined could re-emerge stronger and better suited to serve the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas. As New Orleans and Louisiana rebuilt, Louisiana Fresh continued and still continues to expand and to find new and innovative ways to connect with and service the local food industry.

It is always an exciting time for the restaurant industry in New Orleans and Louisiana. There seems to be no bounds to the appetites of the people here as evidenced by the continued openings of restaurants in almost every neighborhood. We cheer the success of all of our customers, from the corner neighborhood restaurant to the four star establishments. We deeply value our relationships with chefs, restaurant owners and kitchen managers. Our goal, bottom line, is to continue to offer to you the freshest and highest quality produce available.

We look forward to working with you and are always available and interested to discuss the particular needs of your kitchen.